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SingIndiaSing – A one of its kind musical show in India

By: Sirish Rao

I always get excited when a new event or a film comes out at a movie theatre or at an auditorium. I look forward to watching new shows on a regular basis. This one was no different. There were 2 reasons why I wanted to go and watch it. First, my friend was participating in it and wanted to go there and I support him. Secondly, this is a new concept, which has come out in India.


SingIndiaSing is a unique musical show in India, which is conceptualized and directed by Nadir Khan and his team. This program is presented by Aadyam , an Aditya Birla Group Initiative.  It was premiered for the first time on Friday 12th October at the Jamshed Baba Theatre in NCPA, Mumbai.


I went for the 3pm show. I watched the show like how everyone else does, but I was closely observing how the stage was being setup for the performance.


For me it was visually stunning. The entire production process was new for me. What I found interesting was how they were displaying interesting visuals, which were connected to their performances. Those visuals were almost like a digital painting coming alive on screen. It was quite fascinating to see such exciting things. Each of them sang to one theme but in their own style. There were 4 main artists performing in tandem and rotation along with 3 hosts who were judging the contestants.


While this was happening, Miss Malini came on the show as an anchor. She got the contestants to answer some tough questions. This added a lot of drama and excitement to the show. I got to see an all-new setup completely. Each of them wanted to beat the other.  Miss Malini would come up on a live screen after every round to sum up what has been happening so far.


It was a 2-hour show with a 15-minute interval in between. There were 4 themes on which each group had sung to. They were in groups of 4. Tavish Bhattacharyya, Siddharth Basrur, Kamakshi Rai and Sarosh Nanavaty.  There were a total of 10 people performing on stage. I enjoyed watching the performances. Tavish’s act was quite fun and interesting as he was playing a South Indian rapper.  Siddharth Basrur was equally good.  It was fun to see diverse genres of singing happening.


As a filmmaker, I could see how everyone was pitching in as a team to make this a grand success. Every department be it costume, set, backstage, lighting, dancers and the entire cast had given us a fantastic show.


As it was ending, we as audiences were asked to vote live on the performances. This concept of live voting on a musical show like this was a first for me. In front of our seats there was a small remote, which was kept for each one of us. All we had to do was choose any one person from the 4 performances and vote and it gets registered on their system.  The results, was announced based on the final voting done.


Overall, I had a great time watching and experiencing this show and wish the team all the very best for the future. I wish to see more such interesting events in the future. Such events inspire us to create interesting content in the future.







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